Choose progress over perfect

Businesses often fail, not because of laziness or lack of experience, but because of perfectionism. The last thing your business needs is another 10-step plan to perfection.
Start Escaping PerfectSM and watch your business grow.

Startup businesses

Startup ventures are at great risk of perfection-driven immobility. Now is the time to take action, even if the economy, culture and logistics are far from perfect.

Failed entreprenuers

You put it all on line and failed. Now what? Your failure is only as damaging as you tell yourself it is. Move forward knowing this time won't be perfect, but it will be better.


Business leaders are often closet perfectionists


The benefits of Escaping PerfectSM

Business growth

Chasing perfection only limits what your business can do. By seeing when good enough is truly good enough, you allow your business to grow like never before.

Reduced anxiety

Perfectionists struggle to bounce back from the inevitable mistakes that come with running a business. Reduce stress and anxiety by making failure your friend.

New opportunities

Fear of taking action due to past failures will keep you from seizing the moment. Grab hold of new opportunities by letting go of your own ego and need for control.

There’s a fine line between seeking excellence and letting attempts at perfection hold you back.

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Make failure your friend

Seek progress over perfect

Let go of ego

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